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Sergey Buzlanov is financial director in a large corpotration. They say – he is real professional.

So, isn't it strange, that man of such pragmatic and dry profession, who deals with P&L report etc. – has a hobby as such fragile and complicated ganre, as photography…

Sergey is hungry for life – he is trying to catch everything, to put it through himself and appriciate it big time.

And he shares all his vision of pretiness, his ideas his feelings generously.

He brings his pictures form most butiful places of the world – New Zeland, Morocco, Caucas mountains… He sees what our eies just passes by. So places become the dream-land. Sopmehow he can capture the image of a friend at the party – so everyone look at that person as a new individual.

He travels a lot and he just grabs his camera along with him. He takes pictures – easily, just on his way. Since his travels often come as his othe hobbies – snowboard and windsurfing. And thanks to such trips galleries of exotic imiges getting lives…

But – he doesn't like to call that the photography.

He takes seriously only one subject – Russian Architecture.

It is his passion for last 10 years. It is his true love. He loves seriously and thoughtfully.

He doesn't show it off – he fragilly introducing it to you.

While in Novgorod region on his business trips – we went around this old lands and got into every hidden place of it. He knows almast everything about chirches which you can find in forgotten village and various monuments of early Russian history and architecture.

Most probably he saves for us imiges of what will not exist in a next future, or otherwise – how some places looked like before the restoration.

Sergey Buzlanov sees his goals as to open for public hidden and forgotten masterpieses of Russian early architecture. To draw attention to houses, chirches strongholds – remains of the past which are been destryed without care. H want to open unique architectural details, so we can follow the development of Russian art.

Sergey Buzlanov trully hopes that his photogafy will open for many people unexpected sides of Russian history and culture.

Andrey Petrov

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